Friday, April 12, 2019

Unable to save PayPal account with Express Checkout in Sandbox Environment

Problem: Error occurs upon saving new PayPal express account in a Sandbox environment "The account referenced by this PayPal id is not setup to use express checkout. Please return to the PayPal setup page and follow directions for setting up PayPal express checkout."

When creating a new PayPal account in NetSuite Sandbox (which supports Express Checkout) ensure that the Third Party username set in PayPal Merchant account is

If username is used, PayPal Express Checkout option in Sandbox will not appear.

Please see below details on how to check the Third Party username set in PayPal Sandbox account.

  • Navigate to
  • Login to PayPal Sandbox account using the merchant email address
  • On the upper right corner, click Profile > Select Profile and Settings
  • On the left side of the screen, a menu will be available > Click My selling tools
  • Click the Update link of the API access entry
  • In the Pre-built payment solution section, click Add or edit/API permissions

Note: Also Ensure that the following API's are selected.
            a. Use Express Checkout to process payments.
            b. Issue a refund for a specific transaction.
            c. Obtain information about a single transaction.
            d. Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results.
            e. Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions.

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