Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Where a Partner has Transactions Associated with them, the Transactions Tab or Related Record Tab should Appear in the Partner Record

Exposing the related transactions to a Partner Record is still not yet possible and is currently logged on Enhancement # 74289  : Where a partner has transactions associated with them (i.e. they are also a customer or vendor), the transactions tab should appear in the Partner record. 

Below are the steps that you may take as an alternate solution:

Step 1: Create a Saved Transaction Search
Step 2: Create a Custom Sublist for Partner Record

Detailed Steps Below:

Step 1: Create a Saved Transaction Search

1. Please navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New
2. Click on Transactions link
3. Set the following under Criteria tab > Standard subtab:

         Main Line = False

         Customer fields… > select Partner = none of –unassigned-

4. Add 'Customer: Partner'  under Results tab > Columns subtab:

         Customer fields… > select Partner

5. Set the following under Available Filters  tab:

         Customer fields… > select Partner || Show in Footer = Yes

         Type || Show in Footer = Yes

         Date || Show in Footer = Yes

         Main Line || Show in Footer = Yes


A. Make sure that you enter first the 'Created From' field. You can only attach a saved search as a sublist if the search has at least one available filter. The sublist that is shown is filtered by the first filter listed on the saved search. Be sure that the search and the filter both apply to the record you are attaching the sublist to.

B. Setting Main Line = T will help to remove record duplication, but some of the transactions are not showing when you set Main Line = T (e.g. Deposit). This is the reason why you have to enter it under Available Filters Tab.

6. Enter Search Title.
7. Click Save & Run.


Step 2: Create a Custom Sublist for Partner Record

1. Please navigate to Customization > Forms > Sublists
2. Enter the following under Entity Tab:

         Search = (enter the search created on Step 1)

         Label = enter name of the Sublist (e.g. Related Records)

         Tab = select the Tab where you want to show the sublist (e.g. Financial)

         Partner = T

3. Click Save

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