Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Actual Date when net pay is credited on the employee’s direct deposit account

When creating payroll the Check Date entered is the date when paychecks for direct deposit is credited to the employee's bank account as long as the payroll batch is committed two banking days before the check date on or before 2:00PM PST.

Ceridian will send the file out in the evening two days before check date to ensure that the funds are available first thing in the morning on check date. 

Some of the banks will post the transaction early - but usually it is in a "pending" status and the funds are actually not available until the next day.

Crediting of the employee's bank account earlier than the Check Date indicated on the payroll batch is dependent on the receiver/employee's bank and not NetSuite.

Pay Frequency determines how often employees are supposed to pay but will not dictate when the employees should receive their money.

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