Friday, May 31, 2019

Alternate Report for Inventory Valuation Summary with Preferred Stock Level Information

The results will mimic the information located in the item record and is an alternative report for an inventory valuation summary report with preferred stock level information.

To create the saved search:
1. Navigate to
Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New. Select Item.
2. Edit the
Search Title
3. At the Criteria tab > Standard subtab, enter the following details:
-----a. Inactive -- is No
4. At the
Results tab > Columns subtab, enter the following fields:
-----a. Name ---- Summary Type: Group
-----b. Display Name
-----c. Location on Hand ---- Summary Type: Sum
-----d. Location Total Value ---- Summary Type: Sum
-----e. Location Preferred Stock Level ---- Summary Type: Average ---- Summary Label: Ave. PSL
-----f. Inventory Location
** Check the
Show Totals box
5. Click
Save and Run

Summary Window: Shows the item name, display name, total quantity and total value similar to the Inventory Valuation Summary report plus the average preferred stock level across all locations.

If users click on an item, it will provide all the information on a per location basis.

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