Monday, May 20, 2019

Apply a Deposit to Multiple Customers' Invoices

When Accepting Customer Payments/Deposits and applying them to Invoices it is required to select one customer in the Customer field. So to be able to record a Deposit and Apply it to Different Customers Invoices first create a Journal Entry and then individually apply the Journals Entry to the individual Invoices.

Journal Entry:
1. Navigate to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries
2. In the Line tab:
a) Select Bank account and enter the full amount of the deposit in the Debit column
b)In the next lines select the Accounts Receivable account in the Account column, Credit the amount of the payment and in the Name column select the customers name that made the payment.
3. Save the Journal Entry when all payments are entered and the Journal Entry is balanced.

Apply to Invoices:
1. Navigate to Transactions> Customers> Accept Customer Payments
2. Select one of the customers that made a payment
3. In the Apply tab > Invoices subtab select the Invoice that was paid
4. In the Apply tab > Credits subtab select the Journal Entry
5. Save the Payment.
6. Repeat the Apply to Invoices steps until the full amount of the journal entry is applied to the correct Invoices.

*This is helpful when Credit Card Transactions are done outside of NetSuite and one deposit is made to your bank account with multiple transactions made for the day. The Bank Statement can then be reconciled with the Journal Entry.


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