Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Behavior of No. of Days Overdue or Days Overdue field in Reports

This is a situation where an invoice with no terms and due date is blank would give different behaviors in Open Invoices:


A.    In Reports > Sales > Open Invoices, this standard report doesn'thave the No.Days Overdue in theFilter.


Result: Aninvoice without term and with blank due date will appear on this report.


B.    In Reminder > Invoices That Are Overdue

-       Createan Invoice without term and with blank due date. Transaction date should be theday before so that it will be overdue already

-       Navigateto Home > Reminders portlet >Setup> Add Standard Reminders > Select Invoices that are overdue

-       In Dayscolumn, write 1 day as the day/s after due date

-       InReminders portlet, click Invoices that are overdue


Result:Notice that the invoice without due date will notbe captured in this Open Invoices report.


Technically, when creating an invoice without term,the Due Date field is automatically filled by whatever is thetransaction date. But, when user unintentionally deletes the due date, thiswill lead to the report not pulling up the record.


The behavior of Days Overdue field works only for thoseinvoices with due date. Invoice without due date will not be included in theOpen Invoices report when No Days Overdue is filtered. The same invoices willnot be captured in any Saved Search where the field is used.

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