Thursday, May 30, 2019

Breakdown of expenses, tax accounts, etc. that make up Accounts Payable (Accounts Receivable) in a transaction

There is no standard report thatprovides a breakdown of the Accounts Payable (Accounts Receivable)balance in a transaction in terms of which Expense, Tax, COGS,Revenue, etc. account make up that balance.

User needs to customize the TransactionDetail report to generate the said report:
1. Navigate to Reports > Financial > Transaction Detail > Customize
2. Under the Filters tab > Transactions folder > chooseSplit
3. Set the value of that field to the Accounts Payable account(s)
4. Under the Edit Columns tab > group the report by Name then Split.
5. Remove columns that are not needed.



6. Change the sorting of thereport under the Sorting tab
7. Rename the report
8. Save or Preview the report

*Change the Split field in the Filters tab to Accounts Receivableaccount(s) to get breakdown of the Accounts Receivable balance

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