Thursday, May 9, 2019

Check List on why a Transaction is not Displaying in the Asset Proposal Page


Business Use Case:
User navigates to Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Proposal. After the user select the Asset Type and clicks on "Propose New Assets" there are missing transaction(s) in that page.

Users can perform the following to investigate on the issue:

1.    Verify that the account used in the transaction is set as an Asset Account in one of the Asset Types.

         Navigate to Fixed Assets > Setup > Asset Types

         View the Asset Type Record

         Click Accounts sub tab

         Check the Asset Account.


2.    If Fixed Asset > Setup > System Setup has the setting "Propose Approved Transactions Only" enabled, verify if the missing transaction is already Approved (Approved Bills, Approved Journal Entry).


3.    Check the Asset Type Record > Accounts > "Asset Account Last Checked".

         This will be used by the system to propose assets which were created on or after this date.

         Note that this does not mean Transaction Date but rather Date Created.

         If the value in this field is set to February 28, 2018, user can only propose transactions which were created in the system on or after February 28, 2018.

         If the user wants to propose transactions which were created in the earlier date, user must set the value for "Asset Account last Checked" to an earlier date.

        If Account is OneWorld, make sure that Date Last Checked field for the Subsidiary where the transaction is posted, must be updated as well. 


4.    Create a Saved Search for FAM – Asset Proposal Record to confirm that the Transaction that users want to propose are not yet Rejected nor already Created as assets.

         User can refer to Answer Id: 22467 for the steps on how to create the search.



5.    If all the above listed are verified, check the BG – Process Instance List to check if there are errors encountered why a transaction is missing in the Asset Proposal Page.

          To access the BG - Process Instance List, navigate to Fixed Assets > Background Processing > Process Instance List.


6.     Refresh the Asset Proposal list by:

          Choosing the Asset Type(s)

          Choosing the Subsidiary (s) (if applicable)

          Hitting the Refresh button

          Hitting the Propose Asset button

          Hitting the Refresh button again

Notes:  If after the above steps, transactions are still not showing on the proposal page, try to edit the transaction and save it without doing anything. Then reprocess the Proposal again.


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