Saturday, May 25, 2019

Configure the Send Notification Email Template sent to Vendors with access to NetSuite

Ability to configure the Send Notification Email Template being sent to Vendors that now have access to NetSuite:


Here are the steps:

I. Customize the Standard User Access Email.

            1. Navigate to Setup > Company > System Email Templates.

            2. Edit Standard User Access Email.

            3. Give it a name (e.g. Vendor/Employee User Access Email).

            4. In the Templates tab, select the preferred language subtab and customize the default text in the Text Editor field.

            5. Click Save.


Note: that both the Employee and the Vendor records share the same user access Email Template.


II. Select the preferred user access email template.

            1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Email Preferences.
            2. In the Templates section > USER ACCESS EMAIL TEMPLATE dropdown, select the custom user access Email Template created in Step I. 
            3. Click Save.

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