Sunday, May 12, 2019

Create From Field on Item Receipt Blank

Item Receipts have a Created From field that indicates which PO or Return Authorization the Item Receipt was created from. That field cannot be edited in the "Edit" mode of the Item Receipt. Item Receipts are always created by other transactions such as Purchase Orders or Return Authorizations. That is why the Created From field always has a value in it. However, there are the odd occasions where the Created From field on the Item Receipt is blank. Such situations are commonly created by the following steps:

  • PO # 123 is created for Item A.
  • Through the PO # 123, Item A is received and Item Receipt # 1 is created.
  • Created From field on the Item Receipt # 1 shows PO # 123.
  • PO # 123 is edited; Item A is removed and Item B is added instead and PO # 123 is saved.
  • Due to the change of items on the PO # 123, the Created From field on Item Receipt # 1 turns blank.

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