Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Create New Case from an Existing Sales Order via Workflow Manager

1. Login as Administrator.
2. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields CRM Fields > New.
3. Label=Created from Sales Order; Type=List/Record; List/Record=Transaction.
4. Applies to=Case.
5. Display > Subtab=Main.
6. Click Save.
7. Customization > Workflow Workflows > New
8. Set the following:

  • Name=Create Case from SO
  • Record Type=Transaction
  • Sub Types=Sales Order
  • Release Status=Released
  • On Update=T
  • Trigger Type=Before Record Load 

9. Click on Save
10. Click on New State> Click on Save> Click on State 1
11. Actions> Click on New Action> Select Add Button
12. Label=Create Case
15. Click on Save
16. Click on New State> Click on Save> Click on State 2
19. Click on State 1
20. Transitions> New Transitions> Set To=State 2; Button=Create Case
21. Click on Save
22. Click on State 2
23. Actions> Click on New Action> Select Go to Record
24: Trigger On=Entry
25. Under Parameters:

  • Record Type=Case
  • Under Field, select Company; Under Value Field, select Customer
  • Under Field, select Created from Sales Order; Under Selection, select Current Record

*For Custom Sales Roles, standard permissions apply as below:

Permissions> Lists> Cases (Access Level=at least Create)
Permissions> Transactions> Sales Orders (Access Level=at least Create)

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