Thursday, May 16, 2019

Create a Survey Form Link on the Order Confirmation Page

Customer Feedback is essential for any Web Store. Feedback can help guide in decision-making and point out strong and weak points on the web store based on Shopper's experience.

This article will help incorporate an Online survey form on the Order Confirmation Page of the Web Store.

- A Survey Form. Review article "Building an Online Form for a Customer Survey" on how to build a Customer Survey form

  1. Retrieve Customer Survey Form URL

    • Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types.
    • Click on the Customer Survey record.
    • Navigate to Online Forms subtab.
    • Click the Customer Survey Form, a pop-up window will display the Online Custom Record Form
    • Navigate to External Tab
    • Take note of the Publishable Form URL

  2. Add Customer Survey Form link in the Order Confirmation Page.

    • Navigate to List > Website > Tabs
    • Click on Edit next to Checkout
    • On the Order Confirmation Message, switch to HTML mode (Formatted Edit Mode)
    • Place your Customer Survey link

      Sample: "Please take time to take our <a href="(insert Customer Survey Form URL here)"> Survey </a>
    • Save Changes


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