Sunday, May 19, 2019

Create Unique Dispatch Note on Each Delivery in a Sales Order

If a sales order has multiple delivery dates and it is a requirement to create a unique Dispatch Note for each delivery, the following steps are helpful to accomplish this:

A.    Create a Custom Transaction Body Field

1.    Navigate to Setup > Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Transaction Body Fields > New

2.    Name the field in "Label" Ex. Dispatch Note

3.    Type = Free-Form Text

4.    Store Value = T

5.    In Applies To tab> Check the following:

a.    Sale

b.    Print on Picking Ticket

B.    Check that custom field (A) above is showing the Preferred Sales Order form

1.    Navigate to Setup > Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms > Edit the preferred Sales Order Form

2.    In Screen Fields tab > Custom subtab > Make sure the new field (Ex. Dispatch Note) is showing. Show column = T


Steps For Every Delivery Date:


1.    When creating a Sales order, make sure you write the details on this field: Sales Order > Custom tab > Dispatch Note and Save Sales Order

2.    When printing a Picking Ticket, the dispatch note should appear on the printed form

3.    For a new delivery date for the same order, edit the Dispatch Note on the Sales Order and Save the order. The next picking ticket to be printed will capture the new dispatch note.

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