Tuesday, May 28, 2019

CSV Import Item Demand Plan: Receiving error message 'Invalid start date ref key mm/dd/yyyy'

This problem is happening when the Plan Start Date falls ona year ahead of the current and both the Year and Plan End Date fields are notincluded in the mapping.

The behaviour is observed in the UI.  See example below:

1.       CurrentYear = 2013

2.      New Start Plan Date = 1/1/2014

3.      New End Plan Date = 12/31/2014

4.      Navigate toTransactions > Demand Planning > Item Demand Plans > New

5.      Default fields in the header shows:

a.      Year =2013

b.     StartDate = 1/1/2013

c.      End Date= 12/31/2013

6.      Manually change the Start Date field from 1/1/2013 to 1/1/2014. Notice the following:

a.      Yearfield becomes null

b.     Plan EndDate remains at 12/31/2013. It does not automatically update to 12/31/2014

c.      All Monthly/Weekly Start Date and End Dates donot appear.

As noted in Defect259098, the alternate solutions are as follows:

  • Map the Year 2014
  • Map both PlanStart Date and Plan End Date inthe CSV Import.

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