Monday, May 13, 2019

Custom Role unable to find Preferred Item Search form via Global Search

Scenario: Administrator created an Item Saved Search to be used as preferred search form for custom Sales Person. However, when users with this role look it up via Global Search, they are not able to access the form to add it to shortcuts.

Note: Search Forms are not accessible via Global Search. Rather, users can utilize it when navigating to the Search link of a record list (example: Lists > Accounting > Items > Search) or when clicking on Search when adding Item on a Transaction line (this is available when Selection/Popup List is enabled. For information, see SuiteAnswers article Using Popup and Dropdown Lists
Answer Id: 8957).

To resolve this, user can do the following steps:

1. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences.
2. In Appearance tab > Centers & Dashboards section, select Use Classic Interface
3. Click Save.
4. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Items > Search
5. While on the page, hover cursor to the Shortcuts dashboard tab (indicated by a star)
6. Click Add to Shortcuts.
7. On the Add Shortcuts popup, enter Name
8. Click Save when done.
9. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > Appearance tab
10. Deselect Use Classic Interface option.
11. Click Save.

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