Monday, May 27, 2019

Get the Serial Numbers associated with the Item Fulfillment via Script when using the 'Advanced Bin/Numbered Inventory Management' feature

Get the Serial Numbers associated with the Item Fulfillment via Script.

Normally, serial number could be accessed via nlapiGetFieldValue on the transaction record.

However when  Advanced Bin/Numbered Inventory Management was enabled for the account, serial / lot numbers is being considered as subrecords of item fulfillment.

To get the value of the serial number using script, kindly refer to the snippet below :

var fulID = nlapiGetRecordId();
var rec = nlapiLoadRecord('itemfulfillment', fulID); //fulID will be the internal id of the Item Fulfillment record retrieved from nlapiGetRecordId
var subrec = rec.viewLineItemSubrecord('item', 'inventorydetail', 1); //would get the inventory detail record on the line number on the fulfillment
var x = subrec.getLineItemValue('inventoryassignment','quantity',1); //would get the quantity of the inventory detail
var x1 = subrec.getLineItemValue('inventoryassignment','issueinventorynumber',1); //would return the inventory number record on the indicated line item.

//In case that you need the actual serial number
var serialnum = nlapiLoadRecord('inventorynumber', x1); // loading the inventory number record from the fulfillment subrecord.
var serialname = serialnum.getFieldValue('inventorynumber'); //will return the actual serial number of the inventory number

Users can send the serial numbers from the email or store it on a custom multiselect field inside the fulfillment record. 


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