Sunday, May 12, 2019

Nexus Based Default Transaction Forms

·        Transaction Forms areby default set to onethat is applicable to the Nexus in which the NetSuite Accountis provisioned to.

·        Example:

·        US Edition- US transaction forms

·        Canada Edition – Canada Transaction Forms (withGST/HST and PST)

·        UK Edition- UK transaction Forms        

·        For OneWorld, the default Transaction Formsused for the NetSuite Account of the Subsidiary in which the useris associated with

·        When user selects an entity (Vendor or Customer) thatis required to use another transaction form to charge different kind of tax,and provided that the Subsidiary hasthe applicable Nexus associated toit (Setup > Company > Subsidiary >Nexus) then the user should receive a message:  

·        The Vendor/Customer you have selected isbased in a nexus for which you are required to charge a different kind of tax.Click OK to change the form to onethat is applicable for that Nexus

·        After clicking OK,then the transaction form should automatically change to the oneassociated with the nexus

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