Sunday, May 12, 2019

Print the Account Name on Payment Voucher Form

Print the Account Name on Payment Voucher Form



Case:User wants the Account name selectedin the Bill Payment to be printed inthe Payment Voucher Form.

1.  Navigate to:

Customization> Forms > Advanced PDF/HTML Templates


2.  Customize the Preferred Payment Voucher PDF/HTML Template


3.  Enable/Edit Source code and add ${record.account}


4.  Add ${record.account@label} to print the label Account along with theaccount name.


5. Save.


Inthe Bill Payment Transaction Form, Setthe PDF/HTML template created above.

1.  Navigate to:

     Customization> Forms > Transaction Forms


2.  Edit the preferred Bill Payment form


3.  PrintingType = Advanced


4.  In the Advanced PDF/HTML Template dropdown, select the name of thetemplate customized above.


Note:Legacy printing does not allow addition of custom elements to print on thePayment Voucher PDF Layout is not allowed.


Referto the following article to enable Advanced PDF/HTML Templates:

Enablingthe Advanced PDF/HTML Templates Feature


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