Sunday, May 5, 2019

NLCASEHISTORY does not Pull Up any Message when Sent to Customers

When a case email notification is sent to customers with the NLCASEHISTORY tag, the tag does not pull up any value. However, when an email is sent to employees using the same tag, it pulls up the case history.

As per Issue 260629 (closed), the NLCASEHISTORY tag has different behaviour when sent to Customers or to Employees. Customer NLCASEHISTORY does not contain the last message while Employee NLCASEHISTORY does. It is same functionality like for example NLCASEURL (this is as well different for employee and customer).

There are two solutions:

1) Use NLCASELASTMESSAGE tag in the template sent to Customers.

2) Use template version 2 (Scriptable Template). Customer can customize this template version more to his needs.

Note: For more information about Scriptable Templates, kindly refer to the Help Topic below:

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