Monday, May 20, 2019

Order Items page is not showing some Items with Back Ordered Quantity

Navigate to Transactions > Demand Planning > Order Items.

Order Items page is not showing some Items with Back Ordered Quantity.


The Inventory Items do not have values on the Reorder Point, or Location Reorder Point. These can be newly created records.

Edit the Item records. There must be a value in Item record's Reorder Point and the Quantity Backordered greater than zero to be able to show the item in Order Items page.


  1. How do we get around this issue for items that we do not want to designate a reorder point for? We offer many items that we do not want to carry inventory on and there is no good trigger for these when a sales order is placed for them.

    1. This is a good question.
      You'd better check this description of the filed of REPLENISHMENT METHOD:

      Select one of the following Replenishment Methods to calculate item replenishment requirements:

      Reorder Point – To use Advanced Inventory Management settings for demand calculations instead of using Demand Planning.
      This is the default setting for new item records.
      Orders are created based on replenishment reminders generated from the Order Items page, Replenish Items, and Mass Create Work Orders.
      Time Phased – To create orders based on item demand plans instead of the Advanced Inventory Management settings.
      When you choose this setting, other fields on the record that are used by Advanced Inventory Management to calculate demand are no longer available. These unavailable fields are: Seasonal Demand, Build Point, Reorder Point, Preferred Stock Level, Safety Stock Days.
      The Auto calculate settings are cleared and cannot be changed for Demand Per Day, Reorder Point, Preferred Stock Level, Lead Time.

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