Monday, May 13, 2019

Prevent losing data because of the error "Record has been changed"

When a user opens a record and that record is modified before they save it the user will receive the message "Record has been changed" when saving and lose all changes they were going to make. This client script will prevent the form from submitting if the record has been modified, allowing the user to back up complex changes (Eg a long message in a case record). The function init should be called as the Page Init Function and the saveRecord function should be set as the Save Record Function.


-The search column used by nlapiLookupField (in the if statement) may be different depending on the record type. Check the SuiteScript Records Browser to confirm which is correct for the record type this script will be deployed on (Eg for the item record it is modified but for case records it is lastmodifieddate)

-For custom records it is possible to turn off optimistic locking.  See the article Enabling Optimistic Locking for Custom Records.

This is an alternate solution for Enhancement 268310

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