Friday, May 31, 2019

Remove the UPS Account on the Shipping Carrier field of a Sales Order

Some Customers use a specific shipping account and they would like to remove UPS on the Shipping Carrier field of a Sales Order record.

UPS is a default value on the Shipping Carrier field and users will not be able to remove it as a selection on the dropdown. If users want to default the Shipping Carrier field to "FedEx/USPS/More", then consider customizing the form.

I.             Customize the Form


1.    Navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Forms.

2.    Edit a Sales Order Transaction Form.

3.    Go to the Screen Fields tab > Shipping sub tab.

4.    Set the Display Type of the "Shipping Carrier" field to Inline Text.

5.    Hit Save.


II.            Update the Shipping page.


1.    Using an Administrator role, navigate to Setup > Accounting > Shipping.

2.    On Set Up Shipping page, set Default Shipping Carrier to FedEx/USPS/More.

3.    Hit Submit.

The Shipping Carrier field on the sales order record will now be an inline text which means that it is no longer editable. Sales Orders will now default to FedEx/USPS/More.

Note: This will not be applicable if UPS is set as the default shipping carrier on the Customer record (Preferences tab > Shipping Carrier). The behavior will be the same if users mark the Enable Item Line Shipping preference on the sales order and there is a default shipping carrier on the item record (Purchasing/Inventory tab > Carrier).

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  1. Thank you!
    I want to show only Ground or Express Shipping on my Sales Order. We pass values into Netsuite from SFCC via Celigo.