Monday, May 13, 2019

SalesForce - SWV integration: "Unable to retrieve internal id from write response. [INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSION]"

To resolve Issue 265850, three new User Event Scripts were introduced on SWV Contract Renewals Module version SWV2.01.1.2013.10.31:
  • R02A-UES-1: Check Tran Into Log
  • R02A-UES-2: Calculate Tran Lines
  • R02A-UES-3: Calc In-Line Discounts

The above scripts will replace the following:
  • R01C-SS: Calculate Tran Lines
  • R01D-SS: Calc In-Line Discounts

When you are using SalesForce when creating Quotes and converting them to Sales Order, make sure that the "Celigo NS SFDC Trans" script comes after the the three new R02A scripts above. Otherwise, you will get the error "Unable to retrieve internal id from write response. [INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSION] [Permission Violation: You need a higher permission for custom record type s Renewals Preferences to access this page. Please contact you Account Administrator.]" when creating a Sales Order.

For more information, please refer to the Help Topic "Other Initial Setup for Contract Renewals".

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