Monday, May 20, 2019

Saved Search does not Send Email Alert when Records are Created even if Send Email Alerts when Records are Created/Updated = True


Consider the following scenario:

  • User created a saved search
  • In the Email tab > Send Email Alerts When Records are Created/Updated = True
  • In the Email tab > Updated Fields subtab, a standard field is listed with values in the When Old Value is… and When New Value is… columns
  • User created a record that meets the criteria of the search and the values in the Updated Fields subtab; however, no email alert is sent when records are created 

This behavior is by design. Currently, alerts are sent when records are created only if a Custom Field(s) sourced in Custom Records is defined in the Updated Fields subtab.  Standard fields in Updated Fields subtab trigger alerts only when records are updated.


The ability to send email alerts when records are created if there are standard fields defined in the Updated Fields tab has been filed as an enhancement, Enhancement 191886.

Note: For searches that rely on record creation system notes, check if the LOG SYSTEM NOTES ON UPDATE ONLY is turned on as this preference will prevent the email alerts from firing. For more information users may refer to Searching System Notes. Users can also find information using its field level help (FLH) in Setup > Company > General Preferences.

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