Monday, May 27, 2019

Saved Search for Item Fulfillments Filtered by Actual Ship Date

Navigate to Lists > Search > SavedSearches > New > Select Transaction.

Criteria Tab > StandardSubtab:

  • Type is Item Fulfillment
  • Main Line is True

In the Results Tab > ColumnsSubtab, add/remove fields as preferred.  Then set the following fields:

  • Number
  • Name
  • Amount (Shipping)
  • Applied to Transaction Fields... > Actual Ship/Receipt Date

Available Filters Tab:

  • Applied to Transaction Fields... > Actual Ship/Receipt Date.  Ensure Show in Footer box is checked.

Note: Amount(Shipping) includes the total for both the shipping and handling together.The shipping and handling costs cannot be separated and are reportedcumulatively.

Also, the date field in the search results footerwill now filter results based on the actual ship date instead of the itemfulfillment date.

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