Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saved Search to Display User Notes from Cases

Following is a procedure to create a Saved Search for Cases together with all User Notes that are related to them:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New > Case.
  2. In Criteria tab, if necessary, set the preferred criteria to filter the results of the saved search.
  3. Navigate to the Results tab, and add multiple columns by pressing Add Multiple button. Put all required Case details as needed.
  4. Still in Results tab - add User Notes fields:
    - User Notes Fields… > Date
    - User Notes Fields… > Author
    - User Notes Fields… > Title
    - User Notes Fields… > Memo
    - User Notes Fields… > Direction
    - User Notes Fields… > Type
  5. Populate Search Title field.
  6. Click Save & Run.

Note: When the search results show, some Cases display multiple times (as many as times as the number of User Notes the Case contains). This is an expected behavior.

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  1. How do you return only the last user case for a transaction?