Friday, May 31, 2019

Search that pulls out inventory items that are at or below reorder point

To create a saved search that pulls up items wherein stock levels are  "at or below reorder point", the steps are as follows:

- Navigate to Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New
- Select Item and you'll be navigated to Item Saved Search page.
    - Under the Criteria subtab, enter the following:
        - Filter : Formula (Text) | Formula : case when nvl({locationreorderpoint},0) > = nvl({locationquantityonorder},0)+nvl({locationquantityavailable},0) then 0 else null end | Formula (Text) : is not empty
        - Filter : Location Reorder Point | Description : is not empty
   - Under the Results subtab hit Remove All button then enter the follwoing:
        - Field : Name
        - Field: Display Name
        - Field: Inventory Location Fields... > Name
        - Field: Location Available
        - Field: Location On Order
        - Field: Location On Hand
        - Field: Location Reorder Point
    - Edit Search Title the hit Saved and Run

The Location Reorder Point is necessary to have proper tracking of the to order items on a location level.

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