Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Set a default Lead Source on Sales Orders using a Workflow

1. Navigate to Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New.
2. Set the following:

   • Name: (Enter a Name for your Workflow For example, "Set Default Lead Source")
   • Record Type: Transaction

   Sub Types: Sales Order
   • Execute as Admin is checked
   • Release Status: Released
   • Event Based: On Create
   • Trigger Type: All

3. Click Save.
4. Click New State.
5. Enter a Name then click Save.
6. Click the New State.

7. Click on New Action.
8. Choose Set Field Value for the Type.
9. Set Trigger On = Entry.
10. In the Parameters section, set Field = 
Lead Source.  
11. In the Value section, mark Static Value and select the default Lead Source value in the Selection field.
12. Click Save.


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