Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Setup FedEx Shipping to Determine Who is Charged for Customs and Duty Charges on International Shipments

When using International shipping there is twoareas in which the party who will receive the charge for the customs and dutycharges is selected.
1. To set the preference for all Sales Orders navigate to Setup> Accounting>Shipping> Preferences tab> Third Party Billing section> FedExDuty Payment Type:

  • None Selected - FedEx bills your account
  • Recipient - FedEx Bills the recipient
  • Third Party - FedEx bills a third party

-What is selected here will be the default on theItem fulfillment, however you can override this on each Item Fulfillment.

2. To set or change the setting on the Item Fulfillment navigate to theCarrier tab on the Item Fulfillment and change the FedEx Duty PaymentType to the option that is required. This will be the setting for this ItemFulfillment only and will go back to the default for all new fulfillments.

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