Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Show Department on Depreciation Monthly Report

1. Navigate toFixed Assets > Searches > Depreciation Monthly Report.

2. Click the Editthis Search button.

3. Click the Resultstab.

4. Under the Columnssub tab, click the dropdown and look for  "AssetFields…". A small window will appear and under the Asset Field dropdown, select Department.Click Add.

This will appear under the Results tab as "Asset :Department".

4. Click Save Asor Preview button.

However, the report is locked in 2017.2 version of Fixed Asset Management Bundle. You may create a saved search as follows;

1. Navigate to Lists > Searches > Saved Searches > New

2. Select FAM Depreciation History

3. Under Criteria tab, add the following under Standard Subtab;

  - Transaction Type is Depreciation
  - Date is within this Month or as desired
  - Alternate Method is none
  - Schedule is false

4. Under Results tab, set the following;

  - Sort By = Asset : ID
  - Output Type = Report

5. Still under Results tab, add the following:

  - Date
  - Asset : ID
  - Asset : Name
  - Transaction Amount
  - Depreciation Posting Reference
  - Posting Reference
  - Asset: Department

6. Save & Run

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