Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Show the Total Gross Profit and Total Gross Profit Percentage on Invoice

Below are steps how to show the Total Gross Profit for invoice item lines on the invoice
  1. Create a custom Transaction line field counting the gross profit on an item
    1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Line Fields > New
    2. Label, e.g. "Gross Profit"
    3. Type of field set to Currency
    4. Turn off the Store Value checkbox
    5. Applies To subtab > check the Sales Item checkbox
    6. Display subtab > Display Type set to Disabled
    7. Validation & Defaulting subtab > set Default Value as "{amount} - ({custcolpurchaseprice}*{quantity})" (the custcolpurchaseprice is another custom currency type of field sourcing the Purchas Price from Item record)
    8. Click Save
  2. Create a summary saved search to sum the amount of profits for the items
    1. Navigate to Reports > New Search > Transaction
    2. Click on Create Saved Search button
    3. Search Title e.g. "Total Gross Profit on Invoice"
    4. Public checkbox turned on
    5. Criteria subtab > Filter; add Type filter and set it to "value any of Invoice" and click Add
    6. Results subtab > remove all columns, add Gross Profit (Custom) (the custom field from step #1) and set Summary Type to Sum
    7. Available Filters subtab > only Internal ID should be set as the filter
    8. Click Save
  3. Create a custom transaction body field to display total gross profit
    1. Navigate to any Invoice record Transactions > Sales > Create Invoices > List > click edit for any invoice
    2. Customize > New Body Field
    3. Create a Label, e.g. "Total Gross Profit"
    4. Type as Decimal Number
    5. Store Value checkbox turned off
    6. Applies To subtab > Sale checkbox turned on
    7. Display subtab > set Subtab as Accounting and Display Type as Inline Text
    8. Validation & Defaulting > Search set to "Total Gross Profit on Invoice"
    9. Click Save
  4. Check the results on invoice
    1. Navigate to any invoice and review the Accounting subtab to make sure that the new Total Gross Profit custom field is present

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