Sunday, May 19, 2019

SuiteScript>Have a Script on a Transaction Record to Execute Based on a Transaction Subsidiary and Currently Logged in User’s Subsidiary

For one world accounts, it is possible to specify a Script to only execute based on the currently logged in user's subsidiary (Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments > Audience tab). To have a script on a transaction record to execute based on a Transaction Subsidiary, a condition can be added to check if the transaction subsidiary is (suppose) A, then execute the code.

For example,  to have a user event script on transaction record to execute only for users of a particular subsidiary and only specific transaction subsidiary, do the following:

1.      Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployment > Edit the script deployment in question > Audience tab > specify the desired subsidiary in the Subsidiaries field> Save

2.       In the script code, the following code can be added:

If(subsidiary== 1) // 1 is the internal id of the subsidiary

//do this


For instance, following is a user event script that sets the field value of Memo field on a Sales Order if the transaction subsidiary is 7 (internal id of the desired subsidiary )

function aftersubmit(type) // after submit function


var recordid= nlapiGetRecordId();  // get the current existing record's internal id

var record=nlapiLoadRecord('salesorder',recordid); // load the record

var subsidiary= record.getFieldValue('subsidiary'); // get the transaction subsidiary for the record

if (subsidiary == 7) //check if subsidiary equals the desired subsidiary


record.setFieldValue('memo', 'abcd'); //set Memo field = abcd

nlapiSubmitRecord(record); // submit the record



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