Wednesday, May 22, 2019

System Notes Show that a Customer Changed Its Own Status

This situation normally occurs when a customer fills out the online registration form in the user's website or Customer Center page. When there is already an existing record in NetSuite for the customer and the online form he fills out handles duplicate detection that allows record update, the customer may inadvertently change their Status (and some other information like Lead Source) even if the online form does not display this field.

To illustrate:

Company = Company A
Email Address =
Status = Closed Won

A shopper fills out an online customer/registration form with the following setup (under Setup > Marketing > Online Customer Forms):
Select Fields tab:

 Company NameYesYes

Set Up Workflow tab:

  • Set Lead Status = Lead Unqualified
  • Allow Update = Marked
  • Handle duplicate records = Update the first record created

Depending on the duplicate detection settings, the user will inadvertently change his Status in NetSuite from Closed - Won to Lead - Unqualified even if the Status field is not exposed in the online customer form.

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