Monday, May 20, 2019

Transaction Saved Search: Show the average number of days past due for the customers

1. Go to Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New. 

2. Select Search Type = Transaction

3. Under Criteria tab > Standard sub tab > Filter column,  add the following fields:


                a. Type = is Invoice

                b. Status = is Invoice: Open

                c. Main Line = is True


4. Under Results Tab > Column sub tab > Field column, remove all other fields except these 3


                a. Date

                b. Document Number

                c. Name

                d. Amount


4. Add the field

                a. Days Overdue


5. Under the Summary Type column, set the following values for the fields selected:

                a. Name = Group

                b. Days Overdue = Average

                c. Amount = Sum


6. Under the Function column for the field Days Overdue, select Round to round off the values pulled up to whole days

7. In the Summary Label column for the Days Overdue field, key in Average Days to Overdue

8. Add a Search Title

9. Click Save & Run



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