Friday, May 31, 2019

Using Adjust Inventory Worksheet CSV Import with Standard Cost Items

Here are some points to consider in using the Inventory Worksheet Import on Standard Cost Items.

1. Before doing the import, make sure that the Standard Cost Item has already been revalued. Else, the import will not update the item. You will receive an error saying Inventory Revaluation is no longer the first transaction in the item's history.

2. Regardless of whatever you put in the New Value Column on your CSV File, the system will change it to New Qty Entered * Effective Standard Cost.

Variance will not be recognized for any discrepancy hence, the need to set a value in the New Value Column. Initially, the record will show the value that was entered in the CSV File but after refreshing the page, the value changes and reflects New Qty Entered * Effective Standard Cost.

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