Monday, May 13, 2019

Web Site Staging Domain Points to Live Site instead of Staging Site

There are cases when navigating to the staging site redirects user to the live site instead. This usually happens when user specifies the domain for the live site as the Primary Domain. However, if no Primary Domain is selected but user is still redirected to the live instead of the staging site - check the 'Default Hosting Root' of the live site. Make sure it is set to 'Staging Hosting Files'

When using the staging web environment, it is recommended to have the Multi-Site Feature enabled so users can assign a separate domain/hosting files for live & staging. User can enabled it by navigating to Setup > Company> Enable Features > Web Presence > Multiple Web Sites (contact Account Manager if user is not able to see this feature under Enable Features).

Below are the steps on how to properly set up a Staging Web Site Environment:

1. Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Domains
2. On the Set Up Domains page:
   a. Under the Domain Name column, enter the domain created for Staging Environment (make sure it is properly pointed to NetSuite Shopping Server - see Answer ID 27482)
   b. Under the Hosted As column, select 'Web Store'
   c. Under the Web Site column, select the Web Site preferred to be the staging environment
   d. Under the HTML Hosting Root column, select 'Staging Hosting Files'
3. Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site > edit the Web Store for Staging > under Setup tab > make sure the 'Default Hosting Root' is set to 'Staging Hosting Files' then Save.

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