Sunday, May 19, 2019

WF > Set Field Value on Sales Order > Condition : Customer Credit Hold - Auto, On , Off

In order to set a field value on the sales order based on the credit hold status of the customer, please refer to the steps below :

A.  Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields> Transaction Body Fields > New
1. Label = "Customer's Credit Hold Status"
2. Store Value = F
3. Applies to > Sale = T
4. Display > Display Type = "Hidden"
5. Sourcing & Filtering > Source List = "Customer"
6. Sourcing & Filtering > Source From = "Credit Hold"
7. Save

B. Edit your workflow condition as follows
1. Do not select a record (designates field from current record)
2. Field = "Customer's Credit Hold Status"
3. Compare Type = "equal"
4. Value = "On"
Optionally, you may use expressions and the Or logic to capture both "Auto" and "On" states.
5. Save

- It seems to be case sensitive so when in the condition please try "Auto" and not "AUTO"

- If selecting a join under the workflow condition similar to Customer : Credit Hold is Auto, On , Off  would not work as the mapping does not seem to exist in the backend.

- For more information please look for "Defining Conditions for Customer Credit Hold Field" in Help.

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