Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Workflow button to enable/disable field

It is a common issue for users to inadvertently change a field's value. If a company disables this field, users need to seek Administrator whenever a simple change is needed.
There is an option to solve this situation. A button on form which enables the field after user clicks on it.

Workflow example

Workflow Summary > Fields > New Field
- Label: Item ID
- Type: List/Record
- List/Record: Item
- Store Value: checked

1. State
a) Add Button action
- Trigger On: Before Record Load
- Event Type: Edit
- Label: Enable Item re-naming

b) Set Field Value action
- Trigger On: Entry
- Field: Item ID (Workflow)
- Value > Static Value > Selection: Current Record

2. State > Do Not Exit Workflow: yes
a) Go To Record action- Trigger On: Entry
- Record Type: Inventory Part
- ID: Item ID (Workflow)
- Edit: yes

b) Set Field Display type action
- Trigger On: Before Record Load
- Field: Name

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