Saturday, May 11, 2019

WS > Item Search Advanced > How to get Pricing Join fields

For example there is an Item Saved Search in UI :

Available is greater than 0
Inventory Location is Main
Inactive is false
Pricing: Price Level is Base Price

Results columns, sorted by Internal ID, then By: Pricing: Unit Price
Internal Id
Location Available
Pricing: Quantity Range
Pricing: Unit Price

- When calling this above saved search via WS ItemSearchAdvanced the two result columns : Pricing: Quantity Range and Pricing: Unit Price would not get returned as WS as these fields are not exposed in the Schema Browser. A workaround would be to use a Restlet that would return the saved search results. You would use the api below in the Restlet file :

function xxx(datain) {
 return nlapiSearchRecord('item', 'customsearch_test_pricing_fields', null, null);

// customsearch_test_pricing_fields is the id of the saved search created in UI

Then deploy this as a RESTlet by going in NetSuite in Setup -> Script -> New -> RESTlet, upload the javascript file you just created, add fucntion name as a GET function, and finally save and deploy the script. You'll see the URL that your application can call to retrieve your results

You can use Rest-Client to test the Restet.


with HTTP headers:

Authorization:  NLAuth nlauth_account=123456,, nlauth_signature=password, nlauth_role=3

Content-Type:  application/json

- Results will be in JSON :
        "id": "x",
        "recordtype": "inventoryitem",
        "columns": {
            "itemid": "Computer Systems : Desktop : xxxx",
            "type": {
                "name": "xx",
                "internalid": "InvtPart"
            "baseprice": xx,
            "locationquantityavailable": x,
            "quantityrange": "xx",
            "unitprice": xx

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