Friday, June 21, 2019

Ability to Search Address Details (i.e. Default Billing, Default Shipping, Label, Attention, and Addressee) for Customer or Vendor

There is no standard field to get the details of Default Billing or Default Shipping address in a search as of now. This concern is currently logged on Enhancement # 81625 : Search > Customer / Vendor - ability to search address details - Default Billing, Default Shipping, Label, Attention, and Addressee.

Below are the steps that may take as an alternate solution:

1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New
2. Click on Customer link
3. Set the following under Results Tab > Column Subtab:

 Summary TypeFunctionFormulaWhen Ordered By FieldCustom LabelSummary Label
Office PhoneGroup     
Primary ContactGroup     
Alt. Email      
Billing AddressMaximum  Default Billing Address  
Billing Address 1Maximum  Default Billing Address 
Billing Address 2Maximum  Default Billing Address  
Billing Address 3Maximum  Default Billing Address 
Billing AddresseeMaximum  Default Billing Address  
Billing AttentionMaximum  Default Billing Address 
Billing CityMaximum  Default Billing Address  
Billing CountryMaximum  Default Billing Address 
Billing Country CodeMaximum  Default Billing Address  
Billing PhoneMaximum  Default Billing Address 
Billing State/ProvinceMaximum  Default Billing Address  
Billing ZipMaximum  Default Billing Address  

4. Rename the Search Title
5. Click Save and Run

NOTE: You can apply the same steps to get the details of Default Shipping Address



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