Sunday, June 23, 2019

Activate Inactive Employee Record of User who Left the Company for a New User


An Employee leaves the company and is the owner ofscheduled reports, other users do not have access to change the report settings,i.e., sending Alerts etc.

An Administrator can activate the Employee record for a different user, using thesteps listed below:

1. As Administartor navigate to Lists > Employees Employees.

2. Edit the inactive Employee.

3. Change the Name fields based on new user's Name.

4. Change the Email address to new Employee's Email address.

5. Navigate to Access subtab.

·     User can change the password if the new Employee does not have accessyet. 
Provide the new Employee with password set. Provide her/him theinformation how to change the Password. This information can be found in ourSuiteAnswers portal under following article Changing your LoginPassword, Answer Id: 24203.

·      If she/he has already access to NetSuite under the Email address,she/he can use the current password and there is no need to fill in the Passwordfields.

6. Access subtab> Check the Give Access checkbox.

7. Add role/s you want to assign to the user.

8. Click Save.

9. On the List of Employees (Lists > Employees > Employees >List), make sure that you set Show Inactive checkbox toFalse for this specific Employee.

This activates the Employee record for new employee, who is now set as the Owner on Reports which were created by the inactive employee. 

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