Sunday, June 30, 2019

Adaptive Insights: Mac > Sheets > Dropdown Selectors not Loading

This article is intended for accounts integrated with Adaptive Insights, NetSuite's partner in delivering financial management solutions.

This happens when in Adaptive Insights while using Mac with the Firefox browser dropdown selectors on sheets "flash" open and then close. There is a bug that was introduced in version Java 7 Update 21 and greater that sometimes causes this behaviour to occur for Mac users using Mac OS X 10.7. Adaptive Insights is actively working with Oracle to find a permanent solution for this issue.


Alternative Solutions:

1. If you are viewing a Cube sheet, you can use the Change Dimensions button to adjust any dimension on the sheet.

2. Upgrade to Mac OS X to 10.8. We have verified that this behaviour does not occur with this Operating System.

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