Thursday, June 13, 2019

Add UPC code of each item to print in the picking ticket

Add each item's UPC code to print in the picking ticket.

Assumption: The field is not available on the list of column fields in Sales Order form as standard.

Solution: Create a custom line field (UPC code) and source that from the Item record.

1.       Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records & FieldsTransaction Line Fields > New.

2.       Label = UPC Code.

3.       Type = Free-Form Text.

4.       Applies To tab = Sales Item and Print on Picking Ticket.

5.       Sourcing & Filtering tab > Source List = Item; Source From = UPC Code.

6.       Click Save.

7.      Go to a sample Sales Order > hover your mouse to Customize > click on Customize Form.

8.       In the Printing Fields tab > Columns sub tab > enable the UPC Code.

9.       Click Save.

10.   Edit the sample Sales Order and re-enter the item.

11.   Click Save.

12.   Click Print Picking Ticket.

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