Saturday, June 8, 2019

Alignment of the of the text in a Dashboard report

The Dashboard portlet based on a Saved Search Results needs to be set properly. Text alignment in the cells is designed to be aligned to the left and numbers to the right.

If there is a number(Type number - align right) in one cell and the other number (Custom Field Type List/Record or Text - align left) in the other cell, units can be so close to the previous column that it is very precarious and can easily be misinterpreted as a single figure. On smaller screens and tablets, the gap between the two figures reduces and distinguishing them becomes a problem.

To Edit the Saved Search used for the Dashboard:

  1. On the dashboard portlet, on the top right corner, click the triangle icon to pull down the menu and select Edit.
  2. On the Saved Search screen click Results subtab.
  3. Remove the custom field you want to align right and add following instead:
       - Formula(Numeric)
       - Formula: to_number({custom_field_ID})
       - Custom Label: Specify Label
  4. Put the field into the right place in the order.
  5. Save.

Now you will see the results as numbers, therefore, it will be aligned to the right.


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