Sunday, June 30, 2019

Be able to set a Class in the Item Fulfillment page>Primary Information field

1. Navigate to Customization> Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Fields>New.

2. Set the following:

  • Label : Descriptive Name
  • Type: List /Record
  • List/Record: Class

3. Mark the Store Value and Show in List checkbox

4. Under the Applies To  subtab, mark Item Fulfillment checkbox.

5. Save.

6. Customize the Item Fulfillment form.

7. Click on Move Element between Subtabs button.

8. Under the Move Transaction Form Element page, click on Custom subtab.

9. Mark the Select checkbox for the Body Field the user created and select Main as the Subtab.

10.Hit Save.

11. Under the Edit Custom Transaction Form page, click Screen Fields>Main subtab.

12. Set the Field Group of the Body Field to Primary Information.

13. Hit Save.


This solution is for the user to have the ability to set a different Class in the Item Fulfilment that will apply to the whole Item Fulfilment Transaction.

The Class assigned on the Custom Body Field will not be reflected in the GL Impact


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