Monday, June 24, 2019

C# > delete > Delete an expense report that is in progress via web services.

If you would like to delete an expense report that is in progress via web services below is a sample on how to do it.
Please note a valid login session is required. 

Note: The information contained in this article may or may not lead to the alteration of data in your production account, thus NetSuite holds no liability whether you choose to follow the instructions. In the event that data is deleted, altered or removed and requires restoration there will be applicable fees. Please proceed with caution.

if (stat.isSuccess)
// Creating the record object that is going to be deleted
RecordRef expenseReport = new RecordRef();
expenseReport.internalId = "1596";
expenseReport.type = RecordType.expenseReport;
expenseReport.typeSpecified = true;

// Sending in the deletion Request
WriteResponse res = nss.delete(expenseReport);

// Checking to see the status of the request.
if (res.status.isSuccess)
Console.WriteLine("Expense Report Successfully Deleted");
Console.WriteLine("Expense Report Not Deleted");

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