Thursday, June 6, 2019

Campaign Responses for many Recipients still Queued

While sending the Email Campaigns, customers need the correct statistics to be able to come up with their new target group.

For example, the Target Group has about 5,000 recipients.

If no confirmation Email has been received yet and the number of sent Emails updates slowly, settings for Campaign Email Domains and Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) should be reviewed as this may impact deliverability of campaign emails.

If the confirmation Email received says that the Campaign was successfully sent to all recipients, however, statistics still show low response rates, users can confirm the status of the queue using the following saved search setup.

  1. Create a Campaign search (Lists >  Search > Saved Searches > New > Campaign)
  2. Under the Criteria tab 
        a. Campaign ID = (id of the campaign record, e.g. 31 and 32)
  3. Under the Results tab
        a. Campaign ID
        b. Title
        c. Campaign Recipient Fields: Email
        d. Response
        e. Response Detail
  4. Under the Available Filters tab, add the following and enable to show in footer
        a. Response 
  5. Export data as CSV (optional)

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