Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cancel issued Gift Certificate

Once a Gift Certificate is issued, an email will be sent to intended recipient and the code submitted will be valid for Sales transaction. However, once an incorrect email address is provided with the authorization code, the need for the cancellation of the authorization code arises.

The steps below provide solution to the cancellation of issued Gift Certificate authorization code.

- If the Gift Certicate is not yet used and an new authorization code needs to be issued, then simply create a Credit Memo from the Invoice itself 
     Cancellation of old authorization code
    - On the invoice, click on Credit button
    - A credit memo will be created and the issued GC Code can no longer be valid.

- If the Gift Certicate is used but has remaining balance and a new authorization code needs to be issued for the remaining balance, then simply  recognize the revenue component and reissue a new one
    Cancellation of old authorization code
    - Navigate to List > Accounting > Gift Certificate
    - Select the Gift Certificate needs to be forfeited.
    - Hit Recognize Revenue button
        NOTE: Since there is no valid sale for this transaction then the effect of the revenue recognition must be reversed.
            - Enter another Journal Entry to offset the effect of revenue recognition

Issuance of new authorization code
    - Enter a New Invoice for the issuance of a new one Gift Certificate to be used by valid user
    - Create another Journal Entery same accounts with the information provided on newly created invoice
    - Apply the journal entry to the new invoice to make it paid in full

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