Thursday, June 13, 2019

Create a Link from the List Tab which Downloads an Excel File when Opened

To create a link on the List tab which directs to a file download, follow the steps below:

1. Upload the Excel file into the file cabinet. Documents > Files > File Cabinet.
Note: You may select any folder from the file cabinet and upload the Excel file there.
2. Edit the uploaded file from Step# 1 and copy the URL.
3. Navigate to Customization >Centers and Tabs> Center Links.
4. Enter a Label (Excel File Download) then paste in the URL on the URL Column.
5. Click Add and Save.
6. Navigate to Customization >Centers and Tabs> Center Categories
7. Look for the Center Type where you want the link to show up where the Name = Custom and Tab = Lists
8. Click Edit
9. Under the Values, add the Excel File Download link created from Step# 4.
10. Click Save.

Note: You may need to Logout and Log back in for the options to show. You may also clear your browser cache. Also, if you're updating the file, make sure to upload the file into file cabinet and update the URL on step# 4.

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