Monday, June 17, 2019

Create a Report for Sales By Rep to Display the Percentage Change with Comparisons this Year vs Last Year

1. Navigate to Reports > Sales > Sales by Sales Rep > Customize Summary

2. First Column : Column Label = This YTD ( Transaction Total) ; Add Grand Total = True ; Alternate Date Range Type = "Relatively to today's date; Alternate Date Range = This Fiscal Year to Date

3. Second Column : Column Label = Last YTD( transaction Total ) ; Add Grand Total = True; Alternate Date Range Type = 'Relatively to Today's date ; Alternate Date Range = Last Fiscal Year to date.

4. Third Column : Column Label = % change last YTD vs FYTD ; Formula Type = Percent Difference of Y ((x-y)/y)*100; x= This YTD; y= Last YTD; Apply formula to Grand Total = True .

5. Save the Report

User should be able to see the yearly comparisons for Year to Date Sales By Rep

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